Your Company Needs A Facebook Business Page

Facebook Wants to be Your Company’s Friend Too.

Setting up a Facebook Page for Business and CompaniesFirst a bit about how Facebook works:

You already know that Facebook is designed to connect you with friends, family and anyone with which you share a common interest. While sharing pictures, wishing old friends happy birthday, watching couples change their status from “single” to “in a relationship” at lightening speed is certainly entertaining,  Facebook can do much more than that for your business.

Take the entertainment value of the platform and add the potential of connecting with the over 750 million* Facebook users.  Those factors and the viral design of Facebook offer almost unlimited potential to promote your company.

What exactly is viral marketing?

In this case, viral is just a marketing buzzword that defines marketing techniques using pre-existing social networks to help “spread the word”.  Anything on the internet that people continually share with both business and personal contacts, to an ever widening number of people, is viral. When you connect with a friend of a friend on facebook, or pass on a joke to 10 people via email – that’s viral.

What is a company  or business Facebook Page?

According to Facebook, “Your Facebook Page is your brand’s official social network community. It should represent what your company is, who you are serving, why they should care, and where they can go to learn more or take further action. When people become fans of your Facebook Page, their friends are notified via News Feeds. If they click on the story, they are taken to your Facebook Page. Pages are also often used as the landing page for social ads.”

What’s the Value of A Facebook Business Page?

So…….. back to the 750 million users (as of this posting). Setting up your company business page is free.  The platform is designed so that you can showcase your product in the way best suits you.  Each page is custom with pictures, details, company history, likes, links, fans.

Once you start connecting with Facebook users and they share information about your company on their Facebook page, your list of people interested in your product starts to grow via digitally-aided word or mouth.  Best of all of the users are coming to you because they are interested in your product or knowing more about what you do.  There is essentially no marketing waste.

One More Marketing Benefit

The crowing point may be that in addition to all the other benefits, Facebook pages are indexed by Google and can be a valuable way to help increase your rankings and get your name in front of potential new customers. Always a good thing.

*Stats from Facebook


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