Utilizing Pinterest to Increase Traffic to Your Website

How this fairly new form of social media can mean big news for your business website’s traffic.

Pinterest describes itself as a “virtual pinboard,” in which users can do things like plan weddings, redecorating their homes, and find new recipes. But this highly undercuts the ways that Pinterest can be molded to direct traffic to your website.

With 72% of users being female, much on Pinterest is about weddings and the next DIY trend. This can make it seem less than practical to use the Pinterest for your business and social media, but simply posting a visual, like a video, info graphic, or text on a simple background, of your own can enhance your business’s reputation and website traffic.

There were 18.7 million unique visitors as of March, according to comScore. What can this mean for your business? An image that you’ve “pinned,” or posted, will link back to your webpage. Pinterest does not have ads, instead allowing business owners to link their material to their website.

In terms of what is acceptable in pinning, Pinerly has found that tutorial pins receive 42% more click-throughs than the average pin. In addition, using a “call to action” in the pin can increase engagement by 80% [Source: Pinerly]. Using “click here,” “comment below,” or “repin this” in either the image itself or in the caption will tell your audience what you want them to do with the image, making it more likely that they comply. Trends are big on Pinterest, thus incorporating the trends into either your board titles or keywords in your captions can draw more repins.

Running a contest through Pinterest, in which participators must pin content from your website or repin images that link back to your webpage, can also increase traffic wildly. The travel deal site, Jetsetter, saw a 150% increase in their page’s traffic after running a contest via Pinterest.

Basically, get creative! So much on Pinterest is aimed at catching users’ eyes, and the goal is simply to get people to share pins from your website with as many other people as possible. Exposure is measured in followers on boards and repins. The more you receive, the more you’re expanding your business’s prestige.

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