Optimizing Your Website

SEO Works When You Provide Website Users With Answers

SEO is  a matter of  providing users with the information they are looking for in an easy to access manner. It’s simple math and marketing strategy, or in other words:

Be The Answer to a Search Term Question

Questioning is essentially what consumers are doing when they enter a search term.  They are asking a question such as:

  • Is it safe to refill plastic water bottles?
  • Where can I buy professional quality tool boxes?
  • Is this a reputable organization?
  • What has Paris Hilton done today?

You want to be the answer to that question with clear and relevant information regarding your business.  We can generate a lot of visits to your site with the term “free puppies”, but if that is not what you are selling, that traffic does us no good.  It just waste time and space.  In other words, it is not qualified traffic and only qualified traffic converts into sales.