Boy Scouts Harness the Power of Facebook for Social Good

An Eagle Scout Candidate Creates an Awareness Campaign for ShelterBox USA Using the Power of Facebook and Social Media

Sunday March 25, 2012 an Eagle Scout candidate is coordinating a social media campaign through Facebook.  He is asking Facebook users to click the “like” button for ShelterBox USA and to help raise awareness of the organization.

ShelterBox USA is getting a helping hand from the Boy Scouts of America®.  Tim, an Eagle Scout candidate living outside of Austin, Texas has created an awareness campaign using social media that’s designed to raise the profile of ShelterBox USA.  ShelterBox USA is a non-profit organization that provides families who have lost everything in a disaster with emergency shelter and life-saving supplies.

More than 11 years ago, ShelterBox founder, Tom Henderson asked himself what his family would need to survive if they lost their home. His question became a quest to provide a compact, universal tool kit to families displaced by disasters. ShelterBox would afford dignity, self-sufficiency and most importantly, human survival in the chaotic weeks following an earthquake, tsunami, landslide, flood or other disaster.

ShelterBox USA Awareness CampaignLast year the Eagle Scout candidate, was asked to go to the Rotary International Convention to represent ShelterBox’s scouting program. He had previously volunteered at several ShelterBox events. In New Orleans he learned even more about Scouting and came up with the idea of doing an Awareness Campaign with ShelterBox as the focus. He came back and trained a couple of his friends/fellow scouts on ShelterBox.

To help Tim earn his Eagle Scout ranking and support the campaign you can:

  • Get on Facebook Sunday March 25, 2012 between 3pm and 6pm and message your friends. Especially ask the ones on chat go to ShelterBoxUsa and click “like”
  • Ask your Facebook friends to also help by asking their friends and so on.
  • If you unable to do it on Sunday go ahead and do it now! Then forward the information to your friends.
  • Click Here To Like ShelterBox USA on Facebook

In addition to the Facebook campaign, Tim has worked to increase awareness of ShelterBox USA by:

  • Putting a display in the window of a Backwoods retail shop since January.
  • Had several articles placed in local papers.
  • Displayed a ShelterBox Tent and kit at the Lakeway Lake Travis Rotary Mercedes Raffle banquet.

He will conclude the Campaign in early April with a speaking engagement at a Cub Scout meeting.

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