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Lisa Flournoy Richardson

I have been helping businesses grow since I earned my degree in advertising and marketing from UT Austin.  Starting as in intern as GSD&M advertising, I went on to be the marketing director for both national companies and advertising agencies.  It’s a great compliment that many of my former employers have also become clients.

In 1991 I started my own marketing company and never looked back.  The marketing industry has evolved and the internet has made developing and selling a service or product unbelievably more efficient. Having produced advertising for TV, newspaper, direct mail and radio – internet marketing beats them all hands down.  I love that businesses can change and update their message in a heartbeat.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with amazing clients, win national awards and see people achieve great success.  There are also times when I tell people that their plan might not work, there might not be a market for their product or that they are approaching it in an inefficient way.  That’s not the fun part of my job, but it is a part of my job.

The reality is that I don’t like waste. Marketing that doesn’t help build your business is a giant waste of time, energy and resources. I don’t have time or money to waste. Do you?

How Internet Marketing Works

The internet has made it far easier to reach a vast audience and to more efficiently sell your product or service.  Internet marketing also bombards consumers with more information than they can possibly absorb. Too many websites don’t work. They might load slowly (or not load at all), be hard to navigate or are confusing to customers. An analysis of your website is always the the place to start.  If you don’t have a site, then Website Design Tactics looks at goals for your website design and builds a strategy designed to help meet company goals.

Your website has to be effective and to do that it needs to:

  • Deliver Your Message Quickly and Accurately
  • Make Sense
  • Be Easily Found
  • Answer Your Customer’s Questions
  • Be visually appealing
  • Provide relevant and accurate information

What Clients Have To Say About Website Design Tactics

Lisa Flournoy Richardson redeveloped our website and blog improving the number of visits 600 percent. The creativity and professionalism Website Design Tactics offers makes our site one of the most sought after in our industry.

 David A. Chasis 
Sustainable Piping Systems


Website Design Tactics has been there for me, professionally, every step of the way! I have more traffic reaching my website than ever, and for the first time, I have a professional website which people enjoy looking at with ease! If you want quality, Lisa Flournoy Richardson will create not just the perfect website for your business, but catch the very essence of your personality and convey it out of the computer screen.

Christine Boswell, writer –  Christine Boswell at Dirty 30 and Beyond


Want to know more about how we can work together?  Get in touch and we can talk about your website design and see how your internet marketing can function more effectively.