7 Ways To Optimize Your Website

Washing the Dishwasher and Other Steps You Can Take to Maintain the Health of Your Website.

Right now I am washing the dishwasher.  It seems ludicrous at first.  I noticed that the the machine was running hot on the heat cycle, but the dishes were still not dry.  A repairman told me that there was a calcium build-up on the heating element and that I needed to run vinegar through the cycle to clean up the element so it could do it’s job properly. So I’m now “optimizing” the dishwasher.

Sometimes we need to look at blogs and websites and see if the site needs to be washed to improve performance.  By that, I mean taking a website and reorganizing the categories and cleaning up tags and can go a long way to helping improve the function and performance of your business website.

For the optimium performance of your site, take some time and do a little housekeeping with your website. To get started, check the optimizing list below:

7 action steps you can take to optimize your website

  1. Make sure all images still load correctly. If the file is damaged or broken either replace, reload or delete the image.
  2. Check to make sure all links work.  Websites you link to can are sometimes taken down or are moved.  Links that lead to a dead end reflect poorly on your website. Remove or fix and broken links.  If you have a large site, there is plenty of link checking software available.
  3. Check the load times of your pages.  A missing or damaged file can slow down load times.
  4. Look at your analytics and see what pages users are visiting most often and what information keeps them hanging around your website. Amp up popular and relevant content.
  5. Make sure all any pages that you no longer have are redirected to another and relevant page on your site.
  6. Look at your tags and make sure all topics are clearly and accurately identified.  Refine tags to  tie-in with the search terms people are using to find your product.
  7. Clean up and reorganize categories for blog archives.  It may not seem important when your website is new, but a site has 200 blog entries an archive that simply lists posts by month is not at all helpful.  Users need to be able to come back to your website and search for an interesting article by topic.  No one has time to look through hundreds of past entries.

Each of these website optimization items are really nothing more than taking steps to help users have a positive experience.  Keeping your site organized and running smoothly makes your users’ lives easier, less frustrating and helps your company become a valuable and often used resource.

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